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Inflatable Loungers for Travelling

The hype around inflatable loungers peaked during the summer of 2016. You could not visit a beach without spotting some sort of blow up mattress. Especially their use in weird places turned inflatable loungers into a popular travel companion. chilling on a mountain top, floating in the ocean or just hanging out at the neighbor's BBQ: This piece of inflatable furniture is made for everyone!

What's awesome about Inflatable Loungers?

  • Inflate within seconds
  • Affordable
  • Float on water, stand everywhere
  • Long lifespan

Many more amazing attributes make inflatable loungers the perfect travel companion! Check our personal favorites:

Travelling is defining the Generation-Y. Finally something that defines the restless generation that seems incapable of settling and committing. The nineties kids are travelling the world, sharing their experience via Social Media. It is likewise natural, that the standard of travelling is rising. The days of uncomfortable travelling are numbered, and various gadgets are assisting the cause.

With the birth of inflatable loungers, comfort now reaches every vast area of the world. Deflated, this blow up couch fits into a tiny bag. When needed, an inflatable lounger turns into a full size sofa within seconds. By simply catching some air you are able to create a lounger instantly.

Insane, but pretty awesome Spots for Inflatable Loungers

While travelling and hiking in Europe over the summer of 2016, I encountered many people chilling on their inflatable loungers. Some encounters seemed relatively normal to me. Then again, a few locations seemed crazy for hanging out on your couch. I myself joined in on the hype. What followed were some amazing pictures, taken from my inflatable lounger! My favorite inflatable lounger hangouts of 2016:

Caer Caradoc with an Inflatable Lounger

Caer Caradoc – Shropshire Hills in England

Salobreña Beach with Inflatable Lounger

Salobreña Beach in Andalucia, South of Spain

Cliffs In Pennan, Scotland

Pennan, Scotland – Filming Location of “Local Hero”

Have you made any crazy hikes with your inflatable lounger? Have you been chilling on your blow up coach at awesome places? Let me know and I would love to feature your stories and pictures here!