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My Original Inflatable Furniture Story

“My inflatable furniture story began with me moving to the United States in 2014 to study at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. All I carried with me was a suitcase, a Laptop and heaps of expectations.”

When you move abroad, you think about many things: Your Visa, passport, money, sometimes loneliness. However, what you don’t think about instantly when starting a new life: Furniture. During my first few days on a new continent I focused on finding a place to stay. Little things like cutlery you can get from student organizations, thrift shops or even Walmart.

The realization occurs relatively soon and you start browsing the market. In my case, the low price of my inflatable furniture was vital. I was only planning on staying for a year. Therefore, apart from studying, my main budget was planned for travelling and partying.

Where to look – Inflatable Beds from Amazon

After scanning Craigslist and some local thrift shops I quickly decided that Amazon would be my best choice: Low prices and a massive selection of beds, usually delivered within a day! That’s when I first stumbled upon the phenomenon of inflatable beds.

“These blowup beds are way cheaper than anything else in that category!”

My decision was made and I purchased the Intex Queensized Airbed. At the time, I had been rushing from orientation seminars to introductory curses, all while getting lost in a new city. When returning home late, my soon-to-be bed was packed in a small box, looking everything but comfortable. What’s nice about inflatable beds though, is that they are able to change their looks within seconds. With my Intex model, you simply plug it in, and start the inflating process. Within less than 5-10 minutes, my queen-sized bed was ready and I had my first piece of inflatable furniture.

Inflatable Furniture – Once you blow up, the Fun don’t stop

Apartment with Inflatable Furniture


Now I had a place to sleep in my small one-bedroom apartment. However, there was just enough room to fit in a comfortable bean bag or an inflatable couch. After my great experience with Amazon, I started browsing their inflatable couches too. The choice range was even broader!

Lastly, I decided to add an inflatable pull-out bed by Intex . I knew I was going to host friends from home at one point – a double pull-out sofa was just the right thing. My experience with the inflatable couch was just as good as with the bed: Inflated within minutes, ultra-comfortable and had the looks too!

Selling an Inflatable Couch

As I only signed a short-term lease, I moved out of the apartment very soon. My home for the remaining time was going to be an on-campus dorm. These usually come furnished, so my inflatable furniture soon became redundant. I chose to keep the blowup bed, in order to offer visiting friends the comfort they deserve.

My inflatable couch on the other hand, I didn’t have any room for. I decided to sell the blowup couch, hoping to get a decent price for it. I was not disappointed: Selling inflatable furniture is easy!

My new roommates suggested offering my blowup couch via Craigslist. After not even 24 hours, another student from my University contacted me. He offered 45 $ for the couch, which was just a few bucks below the price I paid. We met on campus, just a few minutes away from my dorm and completed the sale.

Sometimes it is really worth checking local offers and markets. Especially cheaper and inflatable furniture can often be purchased for a low price!

And that’s why I Review & Recommend Inflatable Furniture

I quickly figured out that inflatable furniture is viewed as cheap and unreliable. I found that not to be true! Of course, you won’t start equipping your house with solely inflatable beds and couches. However, there are plenty possibilities to use inflatable furniture. As:

  • Guest Couch and Bed
  • Short-term solution
  • Additional Couch

In order to give an overview of nice and useful inflatable furniture, I started running this review & recommendation website. Follow the Inflatable Blog to find the best deals and useful tips on the best pieces of inflatable furniture!

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