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Awesome Living Additions #1 – Inflatable Bean Bags

Purple and white Inflatable bean bagInflatable chairs are a useful addition to any living arrangement! My original inflatable story pointed out the benefits of inflatable furniture for college dorms. Now I would like to share another form of awesome addition to your living space: Inflatable bean bags.

Our Inflatable Bean Bags

Where have you (not) seen a Bean Bag?

Thinking back to my childhood, it seemed as if bean bags were everywhere! Any bedroom or playing rooms of friends I entered, where entered with some form of bean bag. Soon, the living spaces turned into man caves or living rooms. However, the comfortable seats survived our change of lifestyle.

Over the years, I have seen the craziest shapes and sizes of bean bags. When it comes to my favorite design, be it inflatable bean bag or not, the Cupcake Bean Bag is definitely a winner.

Inflatable Bean Bags – A Change in Style…and Price

In the summer of 2016 we witnessed an interesting hype: Inflatables were to be seen everywhere: In gardens, Beaches, even on hilltops people were hanging out in their inflatable chairs.

One of the founding fathers of the hype was the German company Laybag. One of the company’s popular items were the so-called laybeanys – their very own inflatable bean bags. Here in the United States, Intex seems the go-to producer of inflatable chairs.

The inflatable bean bag hype seems to be at its starting point. Therefore, the choice in inflatable chairs is quite low – at the moment. The incredible low prices and flexibility of inflatable bean bags makes them a welcome addition to every living arrangement!

Using inflatable bean bags – What for though?

Inflatable Bean Bags at the BeachNow that we know what inflatable bean bags are – let’s establish their use. Just like inflatable loungers, they are easily set up and deflated again. That makes these inflatable chairs flexible and transportable. Just like other inflatable furniture, they can be taken to the beach, on hikes or used inside the house.

Especially smaller apartments or college dorms can profit a lot from inflatable bean bags. When inflated, the chair takes up little space. When deflated, the blow up bean bag can be stored in the tiniest of drawers!

Inflatable Chair or traditional Bean Bag?

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of the two. Traditional bean bags offer their own level of comfort. Also they seem to be unbreakable. I personally have seen bean bags lasting decades, surviving earthquakes and being passed on for generations.

So, what does the inflatable alternative have to offer? With inflatable bean bags, you can easily adjust the amount of air. The possibility of adjustment allows everyone to find their perfect comfort zone. The big plus of inflatable bean bags however, is the affordable pricing. Inflatable chairs are certainly available for a tighter budget. This makes them perfect for college students and people looking for cheap seating alternatives.

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