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Review, Compare & Find Your Inflatable Couch

The range of inflatable furniture in 2016 is way broader than just inflatable mattresses and beds. Inflatable couches for camping, pools and living spaces have taken the market by storm. Due to variety, low price and high quality, blow-up items like an inflatable couch have become vastly popular.

Inflatable Travel Companions Flexible Inflatable Couches

Inflatable Lounger at the Beach

Classic Inflatable Couches – Home is Where Your Blow-up Sofa is!

There are multiple reasons for purchasing an inflatable couch. Although they fit perfectly into your living area, especially they are destined to move around.

Imagine yourself relaxing at a swimming pool. Why stick to worn-off deck chairs if you can enjoy the comfort of your inflatable sofa? Why settle for the ground if you can nap on your couch, anywhere and anytime!

Inflatable Loungers – Ideal for Travelling, Festivals and Hanging Out!

A refreshing boost for inflatable couches occurred when inflatable loungers figuratively blew up! The clever innovation is basically a mattress that blows itself up. The so-called Laybags or Laysacks can be folded up and crammed into tiny drawstring bags. When it’s time to use the lounger, it’s easily blown up and ready within seconds. That makes inflatable loungers are the perfect companion for travelling or getting comfortable everywhere.

Couch-Potato or Restless Lounger? Find your Inflatable Companion!

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6 Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Couch

  • Portable: Some are larger, but the majority of inflatable sofas fit into tiny drawstring bags. Therefore, you can carry and transport them anywhere. Inflatable Sofas can be taken on getaways, festivals or just the pool party next door.
  • Technology: Inflatable Couches were developed for comfort. Hence, the technology deals with stressful setup time. Most products simply inflate themselves or require little amount of activity.
  • Variety: Besides inflatable sofas you can also get inflatable beds, loungers or bean bags. The variety of inflatable furniture is immense. Whatever occasion you are purchasing an inflatable for, you will find the right one.
  • Price: Conventional Couches can only lose at this comparison. Inflatable furniture is available from 20 $, with high-quality couches at around 100 $. How much did you pay for you last couch?
  • Move it around: No need do plan your living-space setup ahead. Inflatable couches can be easily moved around the room. As you seem to prefer the laid-back lifestyle, the ease of movement should be attractive.
  • Transformable: Blowup furniture is already saving space as it is. Further, some of the inflatable sofas have a pullout function that transforms into a solid airbed.

How to Inflate your Portable Furniture

Both inflatable couches and inflatable Loungers are designed to be set up in next to no time. Classic inflatable sofas are equipped with inflation and deflation valves. These have to simply be turned to the right side to start the process. The blowing up usually takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Modern inflatable loungers on the other hand are self-inflatable. Simply unpack your lounger and open it. Most loungers have two “chambers” that have to be filled seperately. With its opening side facing the wind, pretend to be catching the air around you. While filling one chamber, keep the second part closed. Once the blowup lounger is filled sufficently, close it according to the given technique. For most loungers, you simply roll up the end and clip together a simple lock.

That is pretty much it. Now, enjoy your inflatable lounger on the beach, at a tailgate, in the pool or on a mountaintop – whatever floats your lounger!

Inflatable Lounger Instruction Video